Track: Kat Eaton new single announces her debut album

Kat Eaton new single and announces debut album July 2




April 1st sees the release of Kat Eaton’s new single ‘Slow Down.’ This will be the first from newly announced debut album on July 2nd. This is the news I’ve been waiting for a looooong time and I’d encourage you to note it too! I’ve been a fan of Kat for many years now. Her paired back videos with husband and partner Nick have had me captured and captivated as a fan from the beginning. So I’ve had the single on repeat, and I literally can’t wait to hear the new album …and I don’t feel like this very often.

The musicality of ‘Slow Down’ is fantastic, the production A grade. The musicianship (most instruments played by Nick) is absolutely outstanding. Speaking on the track Kat says, “’Slow It Down’ started with Nick and I talking about a dream that we both share: when you’re driving from the back seat of a car and you can’t see where you’re going. I have it whenever I feel like my life is out of control and going way too fast. We wanted to write a song that encapsulates this feeling of watching your life go by in a blur and wishing you could switch to slo-mo just for a second so you can appreciate the present moment.”

It’s got groove, it’s got story, it’s got pace but is smooth and catchy and funky – but most of all it’s got Kat’s voice. What a voice! So gorgeously flavoursome; like warm caramel from a soft filled truffle chocolate, so controlled and effortless, so drenched in soul… and I think that this is the important difference that puts her a nose ahead of other similar independent artists – these two are truly musicians through and through. You can tell this is life to them, intrinsic and essential to their fabric. Which to me makes them utterly compelling, trustworthy and believable.

Kat has steadily been making a name for herself over the last few years in the UK, as well as overseas. Originally discovered through BBC Introducing, Kat’s singles ‘Giving It Up’ and ‘The Joker’ earned her strong support from BBC Radio 2, Robert Elms and Gaby Roslin on BBC Radio London, as well as BBC Introducing in Sheffield. ‘The Joker’ was also play-listed at BBC Radio London and NPO Radio 2 in Holland. And like the aforementioned caramel chocolate, I can’t stop and just want more and more. I’m craving more from Kat – bigger songs, bigger moments in these songs, ever more enticing hooks, I’m generally feeling greedy for more, more, more – really anything that manages (finally?) to start showing off her considerable talent to the extent it should be. There is a significant unfulfilled potential here; like a tiger waiting to pounce on prey that just won’t quite come close enough. Like a deep oilfield just below a strata of hard rock that the drill bit is struggling to pierce. When that rig breaks through, though; it’s going to be a gusher! By which I mean if everything comes together Kat could genuinely take on the world. I desperately hope this coming album is that moment…



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