Track: Lazarus Kane – Night Walking

Lazarus Kane is weird. That’s all I can get from his press release which alleges he’s a musician, a philanthropist, a successful American businessman recently relocated to the West Country, And that his latest single ‘Night Walking’, was originally written as a Bond theme for ‘Live And Let Die’ back in 1973, however it lost out to Paul McCartney and Wings, whose ingenious use of the surprise reggae section was the cherry on top for Sir Roger Moore. Although 47 years has passed, apparently Kane has not let go of ‘Night Walking’ stating ‘I think I actually wrote this for Saturday Night Fever, but I ended up sending it to the wrong studio. My bad’. Now, with the wonders of modern technology, the song has been re-recorded and updated with the latest specs.

Night Walking, apparently influenced by, amongst others Hall (of Hall & Oates), Oates (of Hall & Oates) and Prince (of Prince) – is this captivating slice of indie-funk, all gluey synths and tight fistfuls of guitars. Over the top there’s some Soul in Kane’s vocal as it’s sweetened by these gospel like backing vocals. Chuck in a Sax solo and you’ve got something you can definitely hand your hat on, that much is true. As for the rest, well……..

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