Track: Mar Omin Shines On the Beautiful New Offering ‘When I’m Gone’

Mar Omin has consistently delivered beautiful musical soundscapes over the years, but none quite as affecting and shiver inducing as the new single ‘When I’m Gone’.

Understated, experimental and yet catchy, heartfelt and inexplicably moving, ‘When I’m Gone’ showcases an innate musical understanding. From the dancing, glitching samples, swelling atmospherics and warming analogue synths and crunching lo-fi beats, every element of the music is beautifully placed. Full of subtlety, with beautiful note selection and a gentle restraint, only playing exactly what is necessary through each section and allowing each sonic element to shine, the track is often sparse giving space for Mar’s delicate, breathy, naturally gorgeous vocal tone to shine.

Despite the experimental electronic nature of Mar’s music, ‘When I’m Gone’ also possesses an infectious vocal line which shines throughout, offering a compelling hook which pulls the track forwards through it’s muted, melancholic tone as dappled vocal harmonies and vocal processing tip toe their way gently around the lead line. There’s a sincere fragility to Mar’s performance which mirrors the delicate beauty of the soundscape perfectly giving the track an exquisite sense of balance.

Speaking about the track, Omin shares: “‘When I’m Gone’ is about releasing my fear of being alone. I often write about leaving the past or people behind and going somewhere new. I guess I really have felt stuck most of my life. I often felt I couldn’t be “me” or explore what being “me” would feel, sound, and look like. That there was no time for it. I had to know who I was. What I wanted etc. (Maybe this says more about our society as a whole). Therefore I’ve made many decisions I didn’t feel comfortable with. As I express in the song: “I have sold myself a thousand times, to a cause that I didn’t believe”. The song starts with the realisation of my fear. I rather felt miserable doing what other people said than not knowing what to do and being alone. I break from that feeling in the prehook saying “Maybe someday I’ll have answers. All I know is: Don’t look for me When I’m Gone”. Trusting myself. Giving myself the power to not know. And to figure it out along the way as I leave everything behind. Alone but free.”

As a fan of James Blake, Bonobo and SOHN, Mar’s sound really speaks to me as a listener, fits perfectly in with the soulful, minimal-electronic sonic experience so it’s hard not to be very over the top when writing about Omin’s music. ‘When I’m Gone’ in short is simply a masterpiece. Listen for yourself below:

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