Track: Melbourne’s Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird unveil the glorious anthemic track ‘When This Over’, a track so epically beautiful, you don’t want it to stop

‘When This Is Over’ from Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird, is one of those epic, cinematic tracks that makes you hope that it is actually never ever over. It has an imperious majesty about it that raises the hairs on the back of your neck with its delicacy and its fragile melodies and yearning vocals, compounded by a chorus so anthemic it has the stature and presence of the Himalayas. And just as indelible.

The track is rooted in hope and its euphoric horn-tinged refrain and choral backing delivers just that: a shining beacon of light when all else is dark. Born out of lockdown, Cousin Tony’s Lachy Rose explains, 

As far as artistic offerings go, the last thing I felt people needed was a reminder of the pandemic and its consequences. But as it unrolled and began to affect my loved ones so deeply, I started to formulate this hopeful sound that served as some kind of anthemic beacon of times to come. Hearing people talk of their plans to travel, connect, socialise, and party was devastating in its hopeful simplicity, and the phrase “when this is over” was used all too frequently It wasn’t about dragging people down to the depths of my isolation, but painting this hyper colour vision of the connection – romantic, spiritual, emotional – that awaited us on the other side…

There is a palpable emotional strength exuded by this track: it is breathtakingly beautiful and heartwarming in its power and optimism:

The spirit of bands like Spiritualized or Tindersticks are deep in the genes with the fragility and beauty of Sigur Ros.

Out through that very fine label Double Drummer, you can download/stream ‘When This Is Over’ here.

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