Track: Morgan Harper-Jones – Typical

Manchester, 23 year-old singer/songwriter Morgan Harper-Jones has today revealed her latest track “Typical” an intricate and beautiful piece.

Explaining the feelings behind “Typical”, Harper-Jones said, “It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t want to be loved… So honestly don’t waste your time or energy.” 
She continues, “I wrote ‘Typical’ as an ‘eye roll and exit’ song, loosely inspired by activist Gina Martin’s wise words: ‘Loving someone shouldn’t make you feel like you need to make yourself more loveable. You shouldn’t have to work to convince someone to love you and want to spend time with you. Your relationship, like your friendships, should be your solace in this mad world. Do yourself a favour and take inconsistency, lack of interest or de-prioritisation as a no.’ Further recommended listening: Lizzo’s ‘Good as Hell’.”

The Laura Marling comparisons are always going to pop up. Just like how Laura can’t escape the Joni Mitchell tag. True they have things in common, but Morgan has a way of singing straight from her soul. Her straight forward way of phrasing gives this track an intimate feel others fail to match. She is pretty special and ‘Typical’ is too.

Check it out, here.

Now do yourself a favour and listen to the rest of her work.

Find out more about Morgan on her Facebook

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