Track: YNYS- ‘Aros am Byth’

Those champions of the Welsh indie scene Libertino Records bring us yet another gem from ‘Ynys’, the sumptuous ‘Aros am Byth’ (Waiting Forever). The quality, invention and songcraft on show should come as no surprise. ‘Ynys’ revolves around the many talents of Dylan Hughes (ex Race-Horses/Radio Luxembourg) and on ‘Aros am Byth’ you get the feeling that here is a musician who is really beginning to stretch out.

Building on the sultry euro-pop soundtrack of their previous single ‘Mae’n Hawdd’, the new release sees Hughes aiming for a vibe where he hears ELO’s Jeff Lynne ‘taking over the studio after being at a Tame Impala listening party’. That’s a pretty fair description of the result. ‘Aros am Byth’ is a swirling psychedelic tinged pop song lovingly put together with a nineties synth sheen. It’s all sweeps, sighs and gorgeous harmonies with a chorus that curls around a keyboard hook that you can’t forget. But the new song is not over-sweetened- lurking around the melody and lyrics is some real soulful sadness- a story of waiting, wanting and walking off down the street.

‘Aros am Byth’, a perfect mini drama in 2 minutes 50 seconds, is steaming now on all platforms.

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