Ahead of his debut single, Thinking Bout The Things, which drops on August, but has a lady had just under one million views on YouTube, London producer A-Minor has released a re imagining of The Aaliyah classic ‘One in a Million’, and better still, you can grab it as a free download.

The producers Bipolar Sunshine remix is already tearing up the Hype Machine charts, and he sends Aaliyah’s classic spinning into deep house,

London-based producer A-Minor drops his deep house reimagining of Aaliyah’s classic ‘One In A Million’ today for free download. It lays this stuttering beat, with no more than initial sprinkles of bass, Aaliyah’s soulful voice cut up, sweetened with the backing singers. Its restrained, spacey even in places, but nevertheless lovely, and a reminder of a much missed voice.