Track: Rituals – Awake

Metal band Rituals, have launched their debut EP, ‘Awake’, due 3rd September with the release of the title track.

The band remark about the EP:

“Awake is a combination of thought processes. It is about developing a sense of self-worth, whilst realising false realities, and remoulding yourself into the person you’ve wanted to become.  Musically, it is a collection of four songs created in a heavier vein than our previous material, as we strive to constantly evolve our sound.”

A huge angry whirlwind of sound, that batters, screams and pummels. The track wraps melodic refrains with sludgy heavy verses exceptional well.The bass and guitars are heavy enough to restart a dead planet and Lewis MacRae does a great job mixing heavy with clean vocals, even managing to sound all pop with his cleaner vocals. This is a band to watch this year and many more years to come.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Facebook

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