Rising: We interview new indie-Americana duo Sunny Bones – see ‘Be Cool’

EXQUISITE new duo Sunny Bones is the partnership of Helen Anderson and Ben Asker. The pair came to know each other through their previous band Box Of Light, which past incarnation of the pair saw them play the cooler names to drop on the British festival circuit, such as Latitude, Green Man, and Secret Garden Party.

In their new skin, they’ve just released their debut single, “Be Cool”. It’s a beguiling blend of dreamy Americana and indie, examining self-worth and identity with seductive vocals and a healthy dose of slide guitar, straight outta Norwich.
Humorously embracing the theme of being comfortable in oneself, the video – which you can watch below – celebrates the oddities of humankind while nodding to the band’s musical influences over in the US.

With the beautiful juxtaposition of a mundane existence in Norfolk lived in a riot of Cirque du Soleil costuming, it captures atmospheric bike rides in suburbia, building sandcastles on the beach and swapping fine dining for the local chippy.
Singer Helen says: “‘Be Cool’ is about a time in my life where someone close to me had a constant battle of being themselves, changing in front of others to fit social situations and desperately trying to please.

“The resolution would have been for them to know that’s what they never needed to do.”

We took a little time to ask them some questions, as a rising band who made our antennae twitch with their loveliness.

BACKSEAT MAFIA: Could you give us a potted history of the band?

We met initially in a previous band; however, a little while after that ended, about two years ago, we started writing music together, quite casually (we of spent most the time snacking). When it became more regular, we decided to give it a shot and create Sunny Bones.

Who inspired you to start making music?

We’ve been a part of music projects for years; but we wanted to make something that we could really call our own without compromise or worry of judgement. 

What are the one (or maybe two) records or bands that inspired you artistically, and why?

Ben: George Harrison, All Things Must Pass.

Helen: Alvvays.

If you’re trying to explain who you sound like to someone that’s never heard you, what do you say?

The dreamy indie pop kid that went to a country and Americana festival and left a different person. 

Tell us about your new single.

“Be Cool” was the first song we wrote together and it always stuck. We recorded it with Adrian Hall, who produced, recorded and mixed the track. We wanted something that would be perfect to listen to on a sunset car journey, that tells the story about being oneself; the importance of that. 

And where can we get hold of it?

All streaming services and YouTube.

How do you write?

Usually Helen will write her best ideas in the bath, sending a dodgy voice note over to Ben and he’ll come back with some guitar parts. Due to Covid this year, writing has purely been over WhatsApp. 

Tell us about your live show; how much have you been missing it recently, with lockdown, etc?

We’ve not had the privilege to play live yet due to the damn pandemic; however, we are planning some online live and acoustic sessions. 

What can we expect from you in the near future?

We are planning another single release for the new year and hopefully we’ll be able to play some shows! We shall be doing some online stuff too, so looking forward to getting creative with that. 

What are the records that are currently rocking your headphones?

Helen: I’m currently obsessed with Weyes Blood.

Ben: Bob Dylan, Wigwam.

Sunny Bones’ “Be Cool” is out now on all cool digital service providers; you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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