Bridging the gap between Perth (Australia) and New York (USA) is no mean feat, but due to the wonders of modern recording technology it has been artfully done by duo Scratch. They have just released two songs that have been written and recorded across the great divide.

‘Soak’ – the standout track – manages to sound like Radiohead meeting Feeder – delicate guitars, synth, and vocals in between thunderous walls of guitar and soaring choruses. It is pulse-racing stuff, mixing hard edged rock with subtlety and innovation:

“Newer Things” is a more restrained tale about jealousy and unrequited love:

According to the band, ‘our sound is a collection of everything we’ve listened to and loved our entire lives. We didn’t want to restrict ourselves to a particular style. The different ends of the spectrum reflect the different phases of our lives in the last few years. There were no intentional musical directions taken, we let ourselves write what we’d love to hear”.

An album and tour is expected later this year.

Scratch are Avinash Lalwani (US) and Ruz Irani (Australia).