Track: Parallel Lights – Better off this way

Parallel Lights are a powerful pop punk outfit who bring their own unique take on to what is essentially a genre that has its biggest routes in the good old U.S of A, a quartet that consist of, Jamie Morrow (Vocals, Guitar) Paul Newling (Vocals, Bass) and Shane Steven (Drums). The trio formed in the Summer of 2015 before adding Ryan Zdrojewski (Vocals, Guitar)  in 2018.

Better Off This Way has been dropped into the vast wild ocean of pop punk and has by all accounts learnt not only how to swim, but has cooked up a vast Maelstrom.

The song kicks off with all the power and soundscape that takes you all the way up to the top of the tree when comparisons can be made with the kings of this sound like Alkaline Trio, Bayside, and all the strength of Taking Back Sunday. If you were to be totally frank, there is nothing new in the concept of the song, a broken heart, the fight to get your life back on track and deal with the pain, but where this song has strength is it holds depth of lyric that can go beyond its original constraint, mental strength and self confidence can be taken from lines like “All this pain lets push it to the past” and “cos I’m moving on and I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone”

Accompanied by a lyric video, that utilises every word to its fullest effect and creates a landscape that takes you right back to the skate park and how hanging with mates was just the best thing ever!

The track has been picked up on over 20 Spotify playlists so far, alongside artists like Blink-182 – (well even more if you include our monthly playlist) All Time Low and Alkaline Trio, and It sits very snugly in that company.

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