See: The Beths release new video for “I’m Not Getting Excited”

The Beths’ video for “I’m Not Getting Excited”, the subsequent release to lead single “Dying to Believe”, foreshadows the release of their next album “Jump Rope Gazers”. The band have enjoyed the fruits of their infectious melody-seated songwriting, supporting “Death Cab For Cutie” in the past year. Fellow indie-poppers “Sports Team” directed the stop-animation video, animating “old towels, all the cardboard in the house and The Beths themselves…”.

Akin to several of their tracks, “Less Than Thou” and “Future Me Hates Me” included, the single deals with a similar sentiment-driven, paranoia, social anxiety-twinged topic; this time centered on imposter syndrome. Guitarist and vocalist Elizabeth Stokes says that, commenting on the lyrics’ emphasis on the pervasive fears of this syndrome, “deep down there’s a tiny Liz saying, ‘don’t get excited'”, while also clarifying that the song came to fruition long before the current pandemic, gaining “a new context”. Retaining the punky guitar rhythms of beloved Beths’ tracks, the track also features flourishes in a scintillating solo from guitarist John Pearce and a deceptive rest towards the climax. Stokes’ vocals are saccharine as ever.

“Jump Rope Gazers” is released June 10th via Carpark Records.

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