Track: Seasick Steve – Clock is Running

For a man with music in his bones, its good to see not even the current pandemic hasn’t stopped the music. With his release of his next album – ‘Love and Peace’ due July 24th Steve has released the next single in the form of ‘Clock Is Running’.

Seasick Steve’s music may have matured over the years, he’s never stopped creating. His music has changed from the simple one string instruments and his foot for a drum, howling about being in the dog house, to creating more complex songs. ‘Clock Is Running’ is Steve doing what he does best upbeat blues and lyrics regarding living your best life, hitting the road, see the world and take a chance while you still can.

The drums are chaotic and the guitar is fuzzy, but the voice is still pure and surprisingly powerful. He can sing you to sleep or rouse the dead. And thats the power of this mans music and how important it is that he is still producing.

Seasick commented, “Since we all locked up, I was thinking about music. I was supposed to be going on tour, but now I can’t do it. For me, music is all about y’all… it’s about playing for people. I surely miss you all and wish I could be out there playing for you.”

Check it out, here.

Steve has also been Live on Facebook every Sunday Night

As well as releasing a homemade concert which you can catch here.

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