Track: Boardgame James – Daydream EP

Boardgame James has announced the release of his debut,  ‘Daydream’, a four-track EP of string-led instrumental grime released via 1000Doors on May 1.

Part of grime’s great radio resurgence in 2015 as one half of Handsome Boys with Moleskin, Boardgame James offers up four tracks from the vault, developed and reworked to form his debut EP.

With the news Boardgame James also releases led track – ‘Chosen One’. Leaning on the RPG influences of middle 2000s grime, and sampling the original Final Fantasy VII soundtrack of 1997 track has a gritty urban feel. The track starts with the strings played backwards before drum beat kicks in bringing a sinister feel with a regular clang from what sounds like a pipe and sythns mixed with those backward strings.

Soundtracking a daydream in the life of a burnt-out salesman on the brink of self-destruction, the highs and lows of the daily grind and eventual blissful respite, Boardgame James creates a strange alternative London for himself, embellished by his own imagination. 

Check out lead track Chosen One, here.

Pre order the EP here –

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