Norwegian Sturle Dagsland, is the self titled project of the experimental-pop/Avant-rock singer Sturle Dagsland together with his brother Sjur. Ahead of the release of his self titled debut album, due 5th February, Dagsland has shared the single ‘Blot’.

“Blot was/is a blood sacrifice ritual in Norse Paganism to honour the Norse gods,” explains Sturle. “The sacrifice would often include animals such as pigs and horses but could also include humans. The blood was sprinkled on the statues of the gods, on the walls, and on the participants themselves in a big blot. A big feast was also included in the celebration and the meat from the animal sacrificed was boiled and eaten in the feast.”

Ambient primal vocals that descend in to chaotic pagan chanting that verges on all out violence, before coalescing into some nordic chanting and stringed instruments. Bursts of heavy industrial noises disturbs the peace crating an intriguing and damn right fascinating track that leaves you curious to hear more.

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Sturle Dagsland will also be opening for Finnish psychedelic-metal act, Oranssi Pazuzu, across Europe in Spring 2021.