Track: Teenage Dads, Winners of 2023 ARIA Award, Drop New Single ‘Tale Of A Man’, Alongside Medieval Music Video + Tour Dates!

Image Credit: Charlie Hardy

Fresh from their triumphant victory at the 2023 ARIA Awards, earning the esteemed Michael Gudinski Breakthrough Artist Award, indie rock marvels Teenage Dads are back to bless our summer playlists once again. Their latest single, ‘Tale Of A Man‘, has hit the scene, presenting itself as a knight in shining armour with an acoustic guitar in hand.

‘Tale Of A Man’ throws a spotlight on the distinct musical essence that defines Teenage Dads, it’s polished, vivacious, and effortlessly replayable. The song boasts dynamic arrangements, resonant guitars, and captivating melodies, all of which illuminate the band’s unique musical identity.

Accompanying the track is a music video that seamlessly complements the overarching sense of adventure. The video narrates a whimsical tale featuring the quartet on a quest to reach their dream destination—Paris. Unexpected twists in their journey include daunting challenges, such as a formidable adversary in the form of a giant seagull. Reflecting on the video, the band notes, “We shot the video close to home, but these familiar places took on a fantastical quality once we donned real chain mail. It truly felt like a journey back in time.

Fronting the band is Jordan Finlay, the vocal force behind Teenage Dads, offering insight into the inspiration behind the lyrics. He shares, “’Tale of a Man’ delves into the theme of your cherished companion, exploring the affectionate and adventurous bond you share and the hurdles confronted during periods of separation. Despite these challenges, the commitment to a shared future persists, as you patiently await the unfolding chapters of your journey together.

A testament to their successful year, Teenage Dads performed an astonishing 94 shows spanning 10 countries and 3 continents. ‘The Midnight Driving‘ EP, unveiled in March 2023, ascended to success, claiming the #2 spot in the Australian Album Charts and #28 in the ARIA Album charts. The band also gained global exposure, joining Lime Cordiale on their headline tour across the UK, EU, and US, gracing the stages of huge festivals like Groovin The Moo and Yours & Owls Festival.

Though the festivities are far from over; Teenage Dads are poised to join the 2024 Laneway Festival lineup across Australia and will headline Party In The Paddock in Tasmania – all unfolding in February 2024!

Image credit: Charlie Hardy

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