Sydney musician, composer and vocalist Tim Ayre has released a new track ‘I want it’, released via revered French label Kitsuné Musique and co-written with Jack Glass of Bag Raiders.

Of the track, Tim says I’d just moved up to Sydney from Melbourne and was hanging out with my mate Jack a heap writing songs. It was the middle of summer so I was just going to the beach every day between writing because I never really got the chance to do that in Melbourne. So I think the song carries that vibe I had at the time, crazy to think how different things are right now to then – makes me really appreciate how good the summer was here.”

‘I want it’ is a thing of beauty, this indie electro cut thats soaked in summer and surrounded by layers of melting synths that bounce around, sometimes cascading, sometimes spilling these bubblegum treats all over it. Tim oversees all this from his position floating over the top with his soft, charming vocal.

Check it out, here