Track: Timothy Robert Graham Shares Infectious New Single ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ Taken From New EP ‘Could Be Worse’

Offering bright catchy melodies and infectious, tight indie-rock guitar tones, Timothy Robert Graham’s new single ‘Get Me Out OF Here’ is a brilliant example of Graham’s melodic writing style and energetic yet considered soundscapes.

Opening with a strummed acoustic under the gentle, breathy vocals, the track grows into a melting pot of tight drums, crunchy guitars and grounding bass, creating a vibrant, boxy indie soundscape comparable to The Stokes. Adorned with relatable lyricism surrounding the mundanity of life, the track makes excellent use of off kilter humour as it grows to wards an expressive guitar solo and half time, euphoric final chorus.

Talking about the single, Timothy explains: “When life feels meaningless or monotonous I think it’s easy to check out or cope with entertainment or drugs. But I think it’s really important to also learn a way to feel your feelings and get grounded. I started getting mild panic attacks over the pandemic and convinced myself I was going to actually have a heart attack. So, I started running. At first I could only run a mile. But little by little I noticed I could run further and further without needing to stop. It doesn’t matter how you get out of your head, but getting outside has been really good for me. I cook most days, get to the beach by my house most weeks, and still find so much joy in listening to records and making music. I hope my song inspires someone to go outside and also create their own healthy coping mechanisms. Being healthy is fucking awesome. You can use that extra energy to create stuff or play and feel like a kid again. If someone could please make a skate video to Get Me Out of Here my life will feel super meaningful.”

Taken from the new EP, ‘Could be Worse’, the track is just one example of Graham’s infectious yet raw and organic sound.

Listen below:

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