Track/Video: Experimental duo J Foerster/N Kramer announce new album ‘Habitat II’ with the shimmering spread of ‘Souvenirs’.

The Berlin based experimental music partnership of percussionist Joda Foerster and composer Niklas Kramer are set to continue their exploration of pseudo site-specific music with the release of a new album ‘Habitat II’ on September 15th. It’s their second long form release for the irrepressible Leaving Records following 2021’s ‘Habitat’, the title connection hinting at the shared inspiration underpinning the two recordings. More songs about buildings (without food) you might be thinking, well nearly.

To recap that first album toured the rooms of an imaginary building, each track sound-scaping a different space from the ‘Entrance’ to the ‘Moon Corridor’ and ending in the ‘Levitation Room’. It was a virtual viewing accompanied by intricate, harmonious music built carefully from loops and samples, a blend of the electronic with an array of acoustic percussion that made the trip memorable but different every time. ‘Habitat’ drew you in with its beauty and clarity.

Now with ‘Habitat II’, the starting point may be similar but this time Foerster and Kramer have upsized their scope. For the new album the music will guide you through another setting, maybe more stately, maybe shrouded in history, a place that demands a ‘Blue Terrace’, a ‘Wasserspiel’ and its own ‘Catalog’. What soundtrack J Foerster/N Kramer have evolved for this grand day out is intriguing but if the preview track ‘Souvenirs’ is any indication, we can expect another significant work of electro-acoustic innovation.

Revolving around a chord pattern loop that saunters purposefully through the tune, there’s a carefree momentum here, ‘Souvenirs’ simply glistens with rippling chimes, reverbing electronics, twinkling synths and whisps of rhythm. Part pastoral, part mechanical there are suggestions of expectation absorbed in these delicate layers. This preview track is a memento plus a reminder that ‘Habitat II’ will demand a visit.

Pre-order your copy of ‘Habitat II’ by J Foerster/N Kramer form your local record store or direct from Leaving Records HERE

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