Live Review: Lost in Olympus / Into the Diode / King Nothing / All I Live For – 360 Club, Leeds -13.12.2015

360 Club360-club
The Library
Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, LS2 3AP

13th December 2015
20:00 to 23:45

A night of Rock was promised with local talent, four Leeds bands. Lost in Olympus, Into the Diode, King Nothing and All I live for.

It was a hectic night in Leeds, pretty much everywhere had live music on.  The early crowd arriving at The Library in Leeds was a good size for this Club 360 event, it wasn’t a capacity crowd though. A good vibe was coming off the crowd and decent numbers were there for the first band.

The details of the band’s line-ups are taken from their Facebook Pages. Please pardon the images, no photographer was available so I took some pictures with my phone.

All I live For

360 club 1

Mike Pearson – Vocals, Guitar
Rick Walker – Guitar, Vocals
Paul Scott – Bass
Ben Duffy – Drums

Opening the night All I Live For managed to quickly pull a number of people to the front of the stage.

Mixing harmony with heavy guitars a very lively set unfolded. More people were drawn in and from where I was stood at the time, near the bar, I could see that the back of the crowd was getting in to the mood.

Band/crowd interaction was slightly subdued but that is something opening bands often encounterThis did lead to me not being certain who was who when the guitarists were speaking, they did mention their names but unfortunately I soon forgot. This didn’t dampen the effect of the band though and the people at the front though were speaking with their dancing and kept the energy high.

King Nothing

360 club 2

Stone – The Voice
Colt – Six String Heart Attack
Leo – Low End
Cobra – Harbinger of Thunder

The band played an intro for the lead singer, Stone, to join them and the crowd picked up where they had left off. More people had moved to the front and the energy was lifted higher by a little more interaction. Stone gave a shout-out to Lost in Olympus, which certainly seemed to go down well with the crowd.

A little less harmonising and more to see from Stone. Guitarist, Colt was very espressive with his performance as was Leo on Bass. I was now to one side of the stage due to the increased crowd density between the bar and stage and had to switch sides part way through this set to get a better viewpoint as the stage was a little dark on Colt’s side from my position.

Looking around the room it was clear no one really seemed to notice me impolitely move across the front of the audience. A definite good sign.

Into the Diode

360 club 3

Buddha (drums)
Leon (bass)
Jamie (vocals, guitar)

The crowd had thinned out after King Nothing had finished, perhaps a third of the audience. Again the fact that there was live music throughout the city could have affected this.

I’m not sure if the reduction in numbers was the cause but much of the energy had left the room too.

Into The Diode delivered some very well arranged songs but the energy didn’t seem to lift at all. Certainly I felt the room change and was back near the bar again, as were many that had stayed after the exodus.

Lost in Olympus

360 club 4

Andy Twigg- Vocals
Rob Kewley- Guitar/Backing Vocals
Sparks- Guitar
Danny Pollard- Drums
Jonny Ridout- Bass

This was the final appearance of this current line-up with two members leaving the band.

Either some of the audience that had left earlier had returned or a few more people had arrived as the audience seemed a little larger, though not regaining the original numbers. Nevertheless the energy levels recovered.

Andy engaged the crowd and those that had been lively at the front of the audience were back on their feet dancing with renewed vigour. This set was a very well put together performance and the audience were taken to a high.

The atmosphere after Lost in Olympus stopped playing stayed very high. It had been a very friendly room throughout the night and it was good to see several members of the audience chatting with the bands. The most active group I saw all night chatted to Lost in Olympus and King Nothing and had traveled over from Birmingham just for the night to see these two bands.

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