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Just over thirty years ago brothers William and Jim Reid, emerged from the East Kilbride dole queue in a wave of feedback, distortion and attitude, the likes of which had never before been seen or heard. Early gigs were notoriously short, amphetamine fueled affairs and would often descend into violence, and chaos. Coming in at a time when most people were producing synth laden electronic pop music, their heavy guitar sound and live appeal soon caught the attention of Creation Records main man Alan McGee, who got them down to London for a gig and signed them up for a one record deal. The resulting single ‘Upside Down’ was greatly received by press and public alike, the NME even went as far as to say they were “the best band in the world.” The Jesus and Mary Chain had arrived and the music world was to become all the better for it.


1985 the band released what would become one of the most influential albums of all time, ‘Psychocandy’. Along with the Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth, The Jesus and Mary Chain, most likely due to the impact of ‘Psychocandy’,  are sited by almost every decent indie or alternative band as a major influence. Earlier this year, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of it’s release, the band took to the road and for the first time ever played the seminal album live in it’s entirety.

JMCfi -(click HERE for our live review and pics from Leeds)

To mark the occasion, Demon Records are set to release The Jesus and Mary Chain ‘Live at Barrowlands’, a 10” + LP + CD deluxe edition which chronicles the band’s homecoming gig at Glasgow’s legendary Barrowlands in November 2014.


Available from the 31st July, the deluxe edition is housed in a 40-page hardback book, and includes the LP of the ‘Pyschocandy’ performance cut to 180-gram heavyweight black vinyl, a 10″ 7-track prequel set featuring  ‘April Skies’, ‘Head On’, ‘Upside Down’ and other favourites. Also included is a CD of the entire performance, interview with Jim and William Reid and Alan McGee along with unseen photography from behind the scenes. There will also be a single CD version of Psychocandy Live.

Speaking about the 30th anniversary of ‘Psychocandy’, Jim Reid said, “Psychocandy was meant to be a kick in the teeth to all of those who stood in our way at the time, which was practically the whole music industry. In 1985 there were a great many people who predicted no more than a six-month life span for The Mary Chain.”

The Jesus and Mary Chain will next perform ‘Psychocandy’ in full at the Roundhouse, Camden, on the 5th July.

Live At Barrowlands can be pre-ordered now – click HERE 

Having listened to a promo copy of the entire recording I can personally guarantee that this is a must have edition to any record collection worth it’s salt.

Tracklist/setlist =



*photographs in this article were taken by the author at the JAMC gig in Leeds on 17-2-15. They by no means represent any pictures that may be contained within the special edition booklet.

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