Album Review: Burridge – Here Are Your Words EP

The Breakdown

Burridge drops a collection of tracks set to whip you up with her angst ridden lyrics and energetic music - loud music for angry girls.

Bea Burridge is all about making loud music for angry girls. Her second EP ‘Here Are Your Words follows on from a run of singles; the punchy ‘Cigarette Smoke’, the alt-pop sensation ‘Modern Love Affair’ and the emotionally charged ‘Panic’. The E.P will also include a brand new version of the Burridge live favourite ‘Whiskey Tears’, recorded at Abbey Road.

An explosive riff kicks things off as ‘Modern Day Love Affair’ as Burridge’s witty lyrics are spat with a sneering attitude. It’s a great track to introduce her music to new fans, her foot to the floor attitude as the track flies out the speakers begging to be played loud.

‘Breathe’ is a slick swagger of bass and drums and that ear catching vocal delivery. A confident delivery that could set up Burridge as a new inspirational front woman. It’s catchy stark and brilliant. ‘Cigarette Smoke’ follows in the same vein with throbbing bass on the verses before coming to life on the chorus with a swaggering vocal take down.

The highlight has to be the scorching ‘Done Wrong’ with its infectious riff. Hitting like a freight train the verses charge along on punchy guitars beating out the rhythms. The chorus really takes off with the addition of the backing vocals that join Burridge on the two word slogan. We even get treated to tasty guitar solo and some signature drumming.

The machine gun riffing on ‘Panic’ and the glorious middle 8 has a bigger emotive effect than the previous tracks. The fizzed anger of the previous tracks morphs into a more internal questioning of weakness and the panic of not being with someone. It demonstrates a greater depth of Burridge’s songwriting which I hope she expands on with future releases.

An EP full of vitriol and raucous guitars and crafted in Burridge’s unique style. Her witty lyrics and vocal attacks are something her fans will relate too and we may very well be looking at a rising inspirational front woman. The tracks are the type to get lost in, to be whipped up with angst ridden lyrics and energetic music – loud music for angry girls.

Check out the track Panic, below:

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