Album Review: Dominic J Marshall – Nomad’s Land

British pianist and producer Dominic J Marshall releases his latest album on the Singapore based label ‘Darker Than Wax‘. Here we see the virtuosic and classically-trained pianist show his deep diversity, free of any musical or sonic constraints. It’s Future Jazz electronica that gets deep and dubby, drawing from diverse inspirations. 

Mellow smooth flavours swirl in an Avant-garde future jazz dream. The album has a wonderful free flow feel, giving it a live session quality and the relatable lyrics, which deal with the complexities of Love and relationships are unpretentious in prose and delivered with a genuine sincerity. The traditional jazz elements blend perfectly with urban beats and layers of electronic melodies to create some deep lush grooves. The use of different instruments, sounds and ideas throughout the album gives each track its own delicate emotional tone, working to both compliment and intensify the text within the lyrics.

Check out the opening track ‘Coldshwr‘ from the album:

It’s a wonderfully crafted album from a gifted artist who’s talents shine, and not more so than on the stand out track ‘Feeling‘, live drum percussion duets with some classic jazz organ work before finally dropping into a sub bass line and shimmering piano as the vocals come in, to softly lead us out, bliss.

Listen to Feeling here:

“’Within the genetic makeup of Darker Than Wax, jazz is the key. After nearly 8 years of existence as a label, we are proud to present a record that we feel truly contributes to the pantheon of jazz music.”

Some great late night ‘future jazz’ to take you into the wee hours, Out Now On: Darker Than Wax

A1 Coldshwr 3:11
A2 Herb-Lady 4:54
A3 Time Unremembered 3:36
A4 Lady Death 2:07
A5 DMT 5:51
B1 Feeling 4:56
B2 On Time 3:08
B3 Initiation 3:50
B4 Storyline 5:06
B5 Lioness 3:27

Backing Vocals – Noa Lauryn
Guitar – Nathaniel Keen
Bass – Glenn Gaddum Jr., Hunrosa
Electronic Drums – Septabeat
Drums – Jamie Peet

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