Album Review – Peluché – Unforgettable

Trip Jam: an emerging genre that fuses elements of Latin, funk, psychedelia, soul and hip-hop,

Meet Peluché, pioneers of the above mentioned genre are a trio that are becoming a standout force in London’s diverse music scene. Slippery Latin bass grooves, subtle instrumental flourishes, funk breakdowns, and a touch of magical lyricism makes for a sonic journey into the tinderbox chemistry of a group with a collective and deeply personal musical vision. Their obsessive and borderless consumption of wildly divergent styles comes together in this, their first album.

Peluché create their sounds in their studio space located in a garden shed set in the depths of London where they record the foundations of tracks live. Their live video series ‘The Shed Sessions’ give an insight into their musical realm and have allowed the band to share new music and visuals directly to their fans.

Peluché – Don’t Lie To Me LIVE (Shed Session #01)



‘Gorillas’ opens up the album, starting with an understated electronic effect and a simple drum machine pattern, a plucked double bass riff comes in and takes the groove and….we’re off. The drums become live and more complex, vocals swirl around the progressing layers while echo effects and reverb take the sound deeper and deeper. These guys are self-taught which is a surprise in itself when listening through the album, from the versatility of the tracks it comes across that they have each studied their craft in depth and through a live jamming technique honed their sound as a collective. Describing it as ‘Trip Jam’ is all good and well, but for new listeners (like myself) I would add Jazz fusion to the list, but it doesn’t even stop there, like in ‘Unforgettable‘ which ends with a beautiful classical style piano solo which is unexpected and a brilliant touch. One has to create names for genres and categorise music, but with the creative ideas here on the album it seems a shame just to try to pigeon-hole the entire LP. Throughout the album there are some great use of builds , ‘Scared After All (touch my Body)‘ and ‘Keep Making Me Happy‘ are tracks that lure you in with their sultry melodies and angelic vocals building to a crescendo heightening the emotional effect of the song in style. There are great dub elements too for those late night selections ‘Sweet Child‘ and ‘Is It Gonna Rain‘ take it down low for some perfect Lo-Fi grooves which expands the albums reach. An accomplished piece of work for their debut, the future looks bright for Peluché,this is more than just *Trip Jam.

Track it down and check it out,

*ahhhh Trip Jam, a Jamming trip, a trip of a jam, I think I get it now, I’ll get me coat.

Available (28th Sept) on: Double black heavyweight vinyl in gatefold sleeve & CD digipack featuring artwork by the band

Peluché – Keep Making Me Happy [Official Video]



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