Album: The Rumjacks – Hestia

After all the press associated with the bands past it seems the addition of new singer Mike Rivkees who has slid into the ranks perfectly well. Writing their new album Hestia who is warmly titled the Greek goddess of home and hearth the band have dug deep and created an album of songs rich with social commentary, knack for a good story and rip roaring courses.

With a great stomping beat and the addictive Irish charm, album opener ‘Naysayers’ grabs your attention from the off, the album doesn’t let go till the final bag pipe drone dies out on Goodnight & Make Mends.

‘Bullhead’ flows with the same veins with the sound of a band full of infectious inspiration. The bouncey drum beat is a kin to the album revving up.

‘Hestia’ has a sea shanty feel to it and you get to hear Rivkees voice as its backed up with just a soft acoustic guitar. It also give the album its first sing along chorus “Into the mouth of the wolf. You’re never gonna take me down There’s still a beating heart beneath the ground”

‘Through These Iron Sights’ is a track thats loaded with emotion from the daunting intro theme. A chugging lone distorted guitar picks up the rhythm. Tracks like ‘Rhythm Of Her Name’, ‘Motion’ and the title track are where you get to hear Rivkees voice with out the full band distraction and see how well his powerful gruff vocals fit into the band. ‘Rhythm Of Her Name’ is a sweet love song with softly strummed acoustic and picked melody on the mandolin. ‘Motion’

‘Tell Me What Happened’ shows off the intelligent stroytelling from the band where as ‘Golden Death’ describes the bands sounds on this album perfectly. As does ‘Lizzie Borden’ with its clever quick fire lyrics and barrage of drums and mandolin. An expansive pounding wall of sound due to the various interments the band employ.

The albums drinking song ‘Sainted Millions’ is a huge anthemic with a rousing chorus and a beat an ode to fallen heroes. The beauty of this album is the perfect arrangement of the tracks. Meaning an absolute banger of a tune is never far away. ‘Light In My Shadow’ ending with a stomping great chorus about friendship then it’s straight into another barn stormer that is ‘Wanderust’. A light jumpy track that rips through its 3 minutes.

Like all good things the album must end. ‘Goodnight And Make Ends’ ends things with the band sounding as sad as their fans will be the album has ended. We were all having so much fun.

With plenty of top draw tracks to keep the album flowing and sing along choruses. Bands like Dropkick Murphy and the Pogues will always get mentioned when it comes to this band but neither of then have created an album this good. The album leaves a warm feeling of joy and companionship and many an ear worm from the bands knack to write catchy melodies and inspired lyrics that touch on life.

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