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Live Review: Billy Idol – Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, NY 12.09.2023

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Live Review: Last Train Home Festival – Darlington 02.09.2023

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Live Review: Rebellion Punk Festival 2023 – Day 1

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A sweaty night of local talent was promised as Teesside metal band Motions took to the NE Volume stage for the first time. Beatnik opened the show bringing with them a huge following and the tunes to match. Looking like a collection of musical decades, they certainly looked the part. They filled the stage with …

Tick-tock everyone, the BabyKlock tour recently ripped through The Agora in Cleveland and melted everyone’s faces in record time.

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Sometimes beautiful things are difficult to get to. Often though, when you take the trouble to search through the things obscuring it, getting in the way of it even, it makes it even more worthwhile. That was the case on Tuesday night in the back of Sheffields City Hall, the Memorial Hall, when’s couple of …

billy idol, steve stevens and billy morrison in Brooklyn 2023

The resurgence of all things Gen X reached a high point last year with “Running Up That Hill” becoming ubiquitous 37 years after its release. It also served as a reminder that the MTV generation wasn’t entirely one-hit, fluorescent wonders and there is a lot of music worth revisiting. This was also a golden age …

August Bank holiday sees the annual pilgrimage post-GCSE and A level results to the hallowed turf of Bramham park. This year, in an exciting turn of events, sees a big yellow ball in the sky… could we be set for a rain free festival? Friday started with the incredibly talented Hot Milk who have just made …

You don’t need me to tell you how much music is part of the fabric of Liverpool. Nowhere is this truer than down Seel Street, where you’ll find the historic Arts Club, a creative hub since 1814, when it was the only English arts institute outside of London. Surprisingly closed earlier this year, after having …

Living Colour and Extreme played on Sunday 10 September to a sold out Forum in Melbourne. View galleries of the show by Suzanne Phoenix below.

The Wedding Present are currently on their 24 Hour Songs tour and taking in a number of Irish venues, one such venue was Limelight in Belfast with Lucy Gaffeny in support slot and David McEneaney was there catching the action. Lucy Gaffney photos: The Wedding Present photos:

Sacrosanct Dublin kicked of their first night of Post-punk and Goth Rock nights in The Soundhouse Dublin. The frist night of hopefully many more of these shows nights and judging by the turn out i cant see why another night wont be on the cards.On the line-up for this first night were, This Enternal Decay …