See: DJ Shub releases new video for ‘The Social’

New video from DJ Shub, member of A Tribe Called Red, who collaborates with Phoenix on potent new single, The Social.

This new video is appearing on Shub Music imprint; and comes at a timely point in both Shub and Phoenix’s career both professionally and personally.

DJ Shub, one of Canada’s foremost producers

Hailing from Canada, Phoenix has become an integral part of the hip-hop scene in North America and she takes the lead vocals on this track which is more a call to arms and asking the oppressed communities to take a stand against racial inequality.

‘How many Martin’s got to die before we reach our dream’

Shub, is an indigenous producer and the profits from this track will go to Black Lives Matter and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, charities and support networks that have contributed to efforts to educate and unite those who have been victimised.

As Phoenix states about the track: ‘The Indigenous and Black communities have very similar struggles. We both come from generations of hurt, pain and trauma. We’ve both been uprooted and displaced and have every reason to rage, and yet we continue to contribute so much beauty to the world. I stand with each and every one of my Indigenous brothers and sisters in the fight against injustice and will continue to be an ally, as they have for us. We are in this together

In these unprecedented times we live in currently, this video and track is both powerful and vital to listen and share.

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