Droppin’ Knowledge: New Video Single from Adé Hakim: Like Me

[sLUms] Collective member Adé Hakim releases a new single and an accompanying video for the song, Like Me. The Bronx, New York artist, also records as Sixpress. In the video, he presents a vision of life that feels like a million years ago, an idyllic, mythic time and place, so different from today. The video also displays a sense of freedom often denied people of color in the United States, circa 2020, and maybe that’s the point. Hakim was co-producer of Earl Sweatshirt’s Nowhere2go, a track from his 2018 album, Some Rap Songs and has appeared on albums with other [sLUms] collective members MIKE and Medhane. He was also the in-house producer for the Collective. Hakim released the excellent Happiest People In The World Wide Web in 2019. Under the Sixpress moniker, Hakim released 2017’s fine On The Road, Sunny Path. The video was shot by AVRGDAVE and edited by Adé Hakim.

How ya gonna hate on a kid like me?
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