DVD Review: Wrinkles

Based on the award-winning comic by Paco Roca, Wrinkles is a very unique kind of European animated film. It reminds me in tone and structure of the wonderful When the Wind Blows, and left me feeling equally melancholy. The Spanish film is possibly the closest a Western animation has come to capturing the magic and humour of a Hayao Miyazaki film; focussing on old age instead of childhood.

When Emilio is placed in an old people’s home he feels unwanted, railing against his incarceration and refusing to accept that he belongs in the institution. He is taken under the wing by the somewhat dubious Miguel who tries to get him to accept his situation and make the most of things. As Emilio’s Alzheimer’s becomes more apparent to everyone but himself, his paranoia grows as Miguel desperately tries to prevent him being sent up to the top floor – a place people are sent who are beyond help.

Wrinkles is a wonderful comic and the adaptation does it full justice. With an aging population, the issues surrounding dementia are only now just beginning to be addressed. Ignacio Ferreras’s film also tackles the subject of loneliness in old age, and how we treat the elderly members of society and our families. It’s a very sad film, and whilst there’s a little ray of hope at the end, it does leave you feeling fairly flat.

The English language version is voiced by Martin Sheen and Matthew Modine amongst others. Now, whilst I’m normally a fan of listening to the original language track, the alternative one really works well. Wrinkles is a wonderful film and a beautiful treatise on old age and dementia. It really is a beautiful and touching piece of work and one of the best films you’re likely to watch at home all year.

Wrinkles is released on by Anchor Bay Blu-ray and DVD by on 28 April

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