Listen: Stillwave ‘Modes of Transport’

Photo Credit: Richtje Nijhof

You can get bogged down with trying label stuff. But it can also go the other way. Post-punk, new wave, whatever you want to call it, has been a term applied to an ever increasing number of bands, effectively broadening the genre to a point that it becomes almost meaningless (just check out the list of post-punk bands on wiki), and used as a term to capture virtually every band that doesn’t get airplay on daytime radio. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not that keen on labels, but if people are going to use them, they should be applied correctly.

For example, take Stillwave from the Netherlands. They are, in my humble opinion, what you would label as post-punk. Strong vocals, bit of synth, powerful drums and some good reverb on the guitar. Not only would I say they are post-punk I would add to that by saying they’re a bang up to date version of how we would expect the genre to have progressed.

But don’t take my word for it – check out their latest single ‘Modes of Transport’

Filmed in their home town of Utrecht it was made by having each member of the band wearing a SnorriCam. (A what? –a body mounted camera to me and you). The effect is quite interesting, if what slightly disorientating.

The track will feature on the forthcoming debut EP alongside debut single ‘Callow’ which was released a few months back. Another great track with an equally well made video filmed in one of the many 12th century cellars to be found dotted around Utrecht.

You can label Stillwave however you see fit – but one thing you can’t do is deny how good they sound.

Stillwave was formed by Michaël van Putten, Marcel Jongejan and Adriaan Hogervorst in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


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