EP: Deepshade – Gloaming

While still retaining the band’s trademark sound, Gloaming manages to be both heavier and more diverse than their previous material. David Rybka (Vocalist/Guitarist) remarks about the EP:

“Our third release marks a more experimental approach to our heavy, catchy sound. And it’s one we can’t wait to play live. Gloaming is a beautiful time when the sky is deep blue and the sun is just about to go down. It’s an otherworldliness that imbues the songs. It marks both a passage of time and a new beginning.”

Starting the EP with the foot very much down on the rock pedal. ‘Eat My Dust’ is a fuzzed up heavy rock monster whose main riff dominates as David Rybka belts out the vocals. The track takes time out with a free style sax solo which gives an interesting twist to the bands sound that pops up through out the EP.

Starting light with picked guitar and the rumble of bass second track ‘Mountain’ is a different beast. A suspense filled track that lets the doom out on the chorus but restrains it back in on the verse. The band slid in some jazz elements with a sax popping up through the mix and Rybka’s spiced up riffs. The track finishes with a jazz-inspired outro with some jungle drums.

‘Life Is Beauty’ demonstrates the band’s brilliance as a unit. A rip-roaring track that thunders along with interwinding pop elements, especially on the chorus, that burst through giving the track a burst of life. An almost hypnotic guitar riff keeps emerging throughout the track and some wonderful drumming that’s just on the edge of blowing up the whole track.

The doom is back with the next track ‘The Wolf’, which turns into a grooved up doom jam marked with its punch to the head bass and a cracking vocal chainsaw performance from Rybka. The shortest track on the EP ‘The Wolf’ is a striking straight-up rock track that bristles with nervous energy from the pounding verses. All come to a head with a blazing guitar solo bringing the track to an end.

The title track is an epic bluesy number with a murky beginning, featuring bursts of sax and synths and swirling guitars that dance around the vocals. A slight departure from the doom-filled previous tracks and a track where we can get a taste of what else this band can do when not laying down pounding rhythms. Check out the chilled jam that closes the track.

Deepshade have dropped an expansive and interesting collection of tracks with this EP. From the straight-up rock of ‘The Wolf’ and lighter pop elements in ‘Life Is Beauty’, to the jazz-influenced jam that is the title track. The band give a lot here and it’s worth investing the time to really listen to what they have laid down. The reward is a fantastic EP that scratches many an itch for metal/rock fans.

Check out the bands track The Wolf, below:

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