EP: Opus Kink – ‘Til The Stream Runs Dry

Berhnard Deckert

The Breakdown

A collection of tracks that neatly shows off this band's genius but madcap talent for writing catchy and unique tunes blending punk with jazz.

Brighton’s Opus Kink have released their frantic and jaunty EP ‘Til The Stream Runs dry via Nice Swan records.

The EP kicks into life after the blaring of horns of Into The Stream straight into ‘I Love You, Baby’. A ferocious lively track with urgent guitar stabs rousing horns and vocals that are spat go from a drunk Sinatra to a quick fire attitude dripping swagger.

‘Dog Stay Down’ grabs hold with the Tom Waits style junkyard howls and a rampaging chorus. Angus Rogers comes across as part genius part madcap performer and it is his raging torrent mixed with tender crooning that

‘St. Paul Of The Tarantulas’ subconscious mutterings over tumbling keyboard as Jack Banjo Courtney (trumpet), Jed Morgans (saxophone) let loose on their instruments. The bands track ‘The Unrepentant Soldier’ does the same with its shimmering synths and rolling guitars allowing the haunting mutterings from Rogers to grab hold as we get a masterclass in trumpet playing from Courtney.

‘(I’m Going Down To That) Hole In The Ground’ is a mash of smooth jazz with a jaunty DIY Rogers spoken word verses and the steady bass from Sam Abbo seems to keep things calm as the twin brass section raise holy hell. Rogers also goes pycho on the guitar whilst screaming for his life.

Ep closer ‘Til The Streams Runs Dry’ sees the band introduce acoustic guitar on this gentler tune with a gospel chorus before the peace is shattered with Rogers once again going full feral and the brass duo blaring their way through the track over scratchy guitar and military drumming.

A collection of tracks that neatly shows off this band’s genius but madcap talent for writing catchy and unique tunes blending punk with jazz. At times the music loses all sense of direction as it descends into a chaos of drums and guitar and half-shouted half screamed vocals. There’s nothing that sounds quite like these guys, but then are not many who sound this good either

Check out the band’s track I Love You, Baby, below:

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