Track: Martin Gore reveals mesmerising ANNA remix of Howler

Speech Mode mainstay Martin Gore has recently released his new EP The Third Chimpanzee, on the ever brilliant Mute Records. Howler, taken from the release, has now been remixed by Brazilian DJ ANNA, who’s been busy recently remixing the likes of Grimes (on the Miss Anthropocene(Rave Edition) album and Jon Hopkins’ ‘Singularity’.

All sweeping electronics and squelchy basslines, ANNA has given Howler this sheen, with minimal percussion, and pulling the malleable elements of the original into something dreamy and smooth, but always with something bubbling underneath.

Of the remix, ANNA says “It was such a beautiful surprise to have received an invitation to remix Martin Gore, such a huge icon from our generation, probably one of the most important figures of electronic music since its inception and a constant source of inspiration in my personal journey also,” On her ideas behind the remix, ANNA continues: “For this remix I chose to go in another direction from what most people would expect from me based on my previous work. I felt this could be a more ethereal and uplifting piece so I went with that feeling and it worked out perfectly.

Tune into some of Martin’s influences and favourite acts with his latest playlist HERE.

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