PREMIERE: Royal Canoe open the ‘Vault’ with surprise release of rarities album

You know Vancouver’s Royal Canoe, right? Released a very good new album called Sidelining last year? Yeah, them? Well, they’ve made a new record, and it’s out right now. 10 new Royal Canoe songs! For all intents and purposes it’s a brand-new offering, but it’s a rarities collection and not a proper full-length. We’d imagine they’re way too busy for such things, given that they’re zipping around their native Canada next month.

Vault (2011-2021) consists of material the collective decided to keep to themselves or had just left unfinished: “These songs are the underdogs, the overachievers and the almost-fits that we just couldn’t quit. During this past winter we dusted off old backups, scoured MP3-vaults and even went back to the studio to finish up a few tracks that were uncompleted but long-time favourites of the band.  For us, each song on Vault feels like a brief journal entry that captures a simple, but meaningful moment from the past decade of us making sounds together.”

It features collaborations with Vanessa Bley and Dill the Giant, and to coincide with the collection’s release the band teamed up with Mimi Stop Motion to create a video for the latter track, the intricate and sumptuously-detailed opener ‘Worm’. We’re premiering that below, and you can check out the whole album on Bandcamp.

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