Fantasia Review: Broadcast Signal Intrusion


Mystery is one of the most powerful and compelling elements within genre cinema. The ability to keep your audience, and lead, in the dark can make for an enthralling viewing experience. There have been some great examples of this being done well, including Pulse, White Noise, In the Mouth of Madness, Ringu, The Blair Witch Project and the Saw films. In Broadcast Signal Intrusion a reclusive old camera restorer must unpick a riddle to solve a crime.

Chicago 1999, James (Harry Shum Jr.) is in the process of archiving a number of old videos from a local TV station when he discovers a Broadcast Signal Intrusion (BSI), the hijacking of a live broadcast. He’s intrigued by the vision of a masked figure and begins to investigate, uncovering another similar occurrence. When he tries to track the tape down, he discovers a conspiracy involving the disappearance of a number of women, including his wife.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion is a captivating and immersive mystery thriller which is grounded in conspiracy theory. This air of paranoia and unease is heightened by Scott Thiele’s condensed cinematograph; shadows lurking around every corner. When the story slightly stumbles, director Jacob Gentry introduces Alice (Kelley Mack), who acts as a catalyst to push James forward. A conundrum within a puzzle, Broadcast Signal Intrusion is an enigmatic tale.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion screens at Fantasia International Film Festival.  

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