Premiere: Float away to the ethereal, dream-soaked sounds of Juniper Stone’s latest lo-fi offering ‘Moonchild’ out November 26

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Backseat Mafia is excited to premiere the latest, dreamy drop from Brisbane’s Juniper Stone, who officially unveils newest single Moonchild this Friday 26 November. The track is truly a sonic flow of lo-fi indie that wraps itself around you like a cosy blanket on a rainy day, if that blanket was also woven with delicate threads of psychedelic synths, soothing guitars and mellow percussion.   

The solo project of singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and respected collaborator Damien Vincent, Juniper Stone has been dedicated to tirelessly giving creative life to his original songs. Vincent debuted in 2020 with gently atmospheric single Ginseng, followed by the beautifully fluid-yet-misty sophomore single Patterns earlier this year.

Moonchild reinforces Juniper Stone’s gift for transporting listeners to their happy place, via sinuous bass riffs, serene vocals and calm, dewy melodies. The soundscapes are watery, rain-speckled and able to submerge us just below the song’s liquid gold surface.

“I’ve always enjoyed the rain and the cozy melancholy that seems to come with rainy weather, which was one of the inspirations for ‘Moonchild’. I wanted to capture this within the song and have each of the instruments sound like they’d been soaked in the rain. ‘Moonchild’ essentially refers to the person you become whilst dreaming, when you don’t have to think so much and can just let go.” -Juniper Stone

Letting go is easy when the sounds are as cool, calm and collected as a suave saxophone solo, which moves alongside Juniper Stone’s sweetened vocal harmonies- both untethered and taking us on a gentle journey between doze, dream and reality. Written during a rainy week filled with cosy bed-covers and wondrous dreamscapes, Juniper Stone captures the essence of rainfall within Moonchild, replicating that serenity.

After collaborating with many acts across the Brisbane music scene and graduating from Musical Industry College, Vincent is happy focusing on Juniper Stone and all the gentle, laid-back grooves he can possibly create that – as he says – “hope to take people to a leisurely place.”  In letting his music do the talking, we are definitely all now listening.

Juniper Stone’s dream-soaked new single Moonchild is officially released this Friday November 26.

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