Feature: Public Body Frontman Seb Gilmore Shares His Influences For New Album ‘Big Mess’

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Brighton’s frenetic art-rockers Public Body have released their much anticipated debut album ‘Big Mess’, via FatCat Records, accompanied by an official video for brand new single ‘Driven By Data’.

Detailing their debut full-length, frontman Seb Gilmore explained:

“This album is a ‘Big Mess’. It’s me laughing behind my own back at all my failures, shortcomings and the shame that comes along with it. I’m not going to get upset about all that kind of stuff – I don’t know how! What I do know, is how to make fun of something – and that something is me”.

Seb Gilmore also shared his influences behind the album:

Uranium Club – I always come back to this band for inspiration. I love how fast and frantic they sound paired with the devo references and funny stories they tell in their lyrics winner winner chicken dinner. These guys are great live too and have the same intensity as their recordings. I also loved how they brought prop pencils on stage with them. We actually played with them a few years ago but I didn’t want to talk to them because I’d probably have called them losers because I’m a neg.

Devo – Obviously love these guys, love the synths and stupid lyrics and just the whole aesthetic. These guys weren’t afraid to make music that is sometimes a bit unlistenable and that’s what makes it so good. I’ve always loved their four to the floor drums and the energy in the vocals. I don’t think anyone would be able to live up to these guys  in my opinion and I’m very glad I’m seeing them in august on their farewell tour. Another thing that I like them for is because of a picture of them live, they had stuck ring modulator pedals to their guitars, me and ted (when he was in the band) stuck delay pedals to our guitars but it made them pretty unusable so we sacked it off. Probs gunna go round teds later and hang out with him. 

Prison Affair – These guys have nailed the free range eggy sound so well even with out synths and I wish I was as cool as them. This is ultimate lofi vibes. i love how they use tape machines to make their sound so lofi and wavy. Obviously its fast too because everything should be fast. If its not fast then I’m not listening to it and you can’t make me… Radiohead?! Pffft get a life dude, I’m not in Egyptian blue.

Lithics – This band are quirky, fast and like to use atonal intervals which I’m really into. I like how they can sound a bit mathy at times too. I’ve liked how these guys come across a bit more arty, their songs are written with purpose, they could probably write some really nice music but instead go for something that makes you unsettled and nervous which to me makes me feel relaxed and chill. Such bangers dude, put the mash on!!!

Parquet Courts – I don’t really need to say anything about this band, everyone knows them and know why they’re good. But incase you don’t know because you hate rock music then I’ll tell ya. Come here I’ll tell ya. Hell yeah I’m tough enuss. it’s because the Andrew savage is sexy and cool, they’re all p sexy n cool and write good songs that talk about current issues and don’t do it in a bait way. Well at least I think so. They’re just frikin hip cool nyc boys maaaan, just get a life a listen to all their albums.

Check out the bands track ‘Driven By Data’, below:

Find out more via the band’s Website or Facebook

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