Film Review: Playlist

Sophie and Julia at work

The great European capital cities have always been a huge draw for the young people of a country. Like moths to a flame, they descend on the bright lights. Excited by the endless possibilities and myriad opportunities. If you want to make it in the arts, you need to be in London, Lisbon or Madrid. Paris is no exception. However, they’re also the most expensive places to live and competition is rife. With opportunities at a premium, you have to do whatever it takes to survive. This is the case for our heroine in Playlist.

In her late twenties, Sophie (Sara Forestier) feels more than a little lost. What she really wants to do is draw, but coming to it relatively late she’s now unable to secure a place in one of the big schools. Then there’s her relationship. Is it love or just convenient? To make ends meet she waits tables with her best friend Julia (Laetitia Dosch), who is herself an aspiring actress. After landing a secretarial job with a famous comic book publisher, things look up, but then life isn’t so simple for Sophie.  

Shot in glorious monochrome, while Playlist doesn’t always work there’s an inventiveness and spirit at play which is hard to ignore. Nine Antico’s feature debut leans heavily on her creative roots. A DIY lo-fi ethos merges with a good eye for detail and knowledge of her craft. Allied with a great soundtrack, there’s a vibrancy and honesty which is refreshing. Playlist is a comedy set within familiar surroundings, but the approach feels original and even subversive at times. Producing an inventive and lively portrait of modern life in the City of Light.  

Playlist is exclusively on Curzon Home Cinema from 22 October.

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