Track: UK’s Modern Error release the visceral and the raw ‘The Truest Blue’, and announce debut album

Like a love child from the loins of Nine Inch Nails and an abandoned industrial complex, raised by Depeche Mode and nurtured with pop, ‘The Truest Blue’ from Modern Error is an impressive explosive, cathartic synth blast. Raw, visceral, studied and poised, and in the process so enjoyable.

With Himalayan-sized walls of of synth riffs, the track scales great heights with a brute force attack that clears the brain and moves the feet. The blistering vocals and incisive lyrics add a heart stopping vibrancy.

But this is not all brute force brawn. The lyrics are poetic and yearning:

We’re living in a dream
But no heavenly healing
We’re living in a dream
Without euphoric feeling
But I can’t make the change
And find no bigger meaning
I want to be someone

Or feel something
Lost you
True blue
New world

Vocalist Zak Pinchin (part of the band with his brother Kel) says of the track:

‘The Truest Blue’ is a duality of audio and visual, expressing the idea of becoming absolute – the purest version of yourself.  Conceptually I wanted to paint the picture of a rebirth into a new world, one of which reflects on the earth we all inhabit, and to see it for what it really is. I question this life a lot, what it means to me and what it means to others. ‘The Truest Blue’ in a sense is my reflection on the human condition in a brief and instinctual sense. I feel this also translates into how Modern Error is progressing into a new world of its own. This song sets us up on a much more honest path. Sonically, Modern Error will always evolve to the intention of its name.

Directed by Zak Pinchin, the accompanying video is insouciant and cool – slightly surreal, exotic and infused with a degree of indulgence and an air of bacchanalia, perfectly colouring the sonic slam of the song:

Out through Rude Records, you can download or stream the single here. It comes off Modern Error’s newly announced debut album ‘Victim of a Modern Age’ due out on Friday, 21 January 2022.

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