Film Review: Soft & Quiet

The concept of shooting a film in one single take is a vast technical undertaking. One which most directors steer well clear of, largely due to the huge amount of complexity and peril it involves.  Not to mention how difficult it is to do well. Many consider it to be the zenith of the art of filmmaking. While the practicalities of shooting this way are rather nightmarish for cast and crew, the results can be outstanding. Even when, as is the case with Soft & Quiet, it’s merely cut to look that way.

Emily (Stefanie Estes) in a teacher who is fed up with what she sees and the injustices in her life. She’s desperate to have a child with her husband Craig (Jon Beavers), but it is proving more difficult than they expected. She’s decided to do something to assuage her anxieties, arranging a meeting of likeminded women (Eleanore Pienta, Dana Millican, Nina E. Jordan, Olivia Luccardi, Rebekah Wiggins) to set the world to rights.  

The less you know about Soft & Quiet going in, the better. However, it’s safe to say that it focuses on a number of hot topic issues and does something very unusual with them. Which might make it an uncomfortable watch for some, but this is the intent of writer/director Beth de Araújo’s feature debut. It’s cleverly done. Using the conceit of ‘real time’ to ramp up the tension, induce panic and ensure that Soft & Quiet goes to places other films fear to tread.

Soft & Quiet is out in US cinemas and VOD on 4 November.

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