Film Review: The Trust

Nicolas Cage is a very singular actor. Whilst he’s become something of a laughing stock on the internet, largely thanks to a raft of memes and video cuts, it’s easy to forget that Nic is an Oscar winner. Indeed, he does make a lot of bad films, but has the knack of turning it a good performance ever year or two. Thankfully for Alex and Benjamin Brewer he chose their debut feature The Trust for one of those moments.

Sergeant David Walters (Elijah Wood) and his boss Lieutenant Jim Stone (Cage) both work in the evidence department of the Las Vegas Police Department. David is bored and directionless whilst Jim is frustrated in his job. When Jim uncovers an irregularity with a case and a potential large stash of money or drugs, they decide to pull off a heist which could set them both up for life.

Whilst there are so many bizarre moments in The Trust (most delivered by a semi-automatic Cage), they merely add, not detract, from the film. Both stars play off each other in rather odd ways but it’s unsurprisingly Cage who get the best, and strangest, lines. There’s also the unexpected appearance of Jerry Lewis as Jim’s dad and Sky Ferrera as ‘The Woman’. The ending is going to annoy many, throwing up more questions than answers, but it’s an enjoyable movie which benefits from being different.

The Trust is out in cinemas and available on digital HD from Friday.

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