Film Review: This is GWAR

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You might never have heard of GWAR but if you’ve ever seen them live you would never forget the experience. There is certainly no other band quite like them. Formed in Richmond, Virginia in 1984 by a loose collective with a shared punk ethos, GWAR is a heavy metal band who go on stage as barbaric interplanetary characters. They’re a striking presence to behold, wearing foam and rubber costumes, acting out scenes of graphic violence.

GWAR have always been much greater than just a band though, more of a way of live. Since their inception, they can count numerous members amongst their ranks and have experienced several tragedies. Not to mention that album number 15 is due to land this year. They’re also Beavis and Butthead’s favourite band and even have a Grammy nomination to their name. This is GWAR charts the highs and lows of a very singular group of likeminded individuals.

This is GWAR is a rollercoaster ride into the lives and times of a band who are forever on the move. While fans will know all too well about their public exploits, Scott Barber’s documentary does a great job of getting under the skin of the past and current members. They’ve always courted controversy, but there is much more to their message than merely looking to make waves. Much more to their musicianship than simply being a novelty. As their longevity attests.  

This is GWAR will premiere exclusively on Shudder on 21 July.

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