Grimmfest Review: Ropes

They say that dog is man’s best friend and in most cases that is undeniably true. Your favourite pooch can be a friend for life. A trusted companion. One who will never judge you and will stay by your side through thick and thin until the very end. However, whilst domesticated, like any other predatory creatures they’re still highly dangerous is the wrong hands. When fido goes bad you could end up in a Cujo-like situation. As is the case in Ropes (Cuerdas).

After the recent death of her sister, Elena (Paula del Río), a quadriplegic, decides to go and live with her father (Miguel Ángel Jenner) in an old country house. He has been renovating to allow her to get around, but has not managed to finish it in time. Elena doesn’t like his dog, Athos, who has been trained to help her. However, after he’s bitten by a bat, the canine changes from protector to predator and she becomes his prey.

Ropes is a very cleverly made film. Director José Luis Montesinos makes full use of Elena’s disability and limitations, as well as the nuances of the old house to make a suspenseful horror. Given the premise and the constraints to her movements, at times it’s not the paciest film. However, this lack of pizzazz affords it a more authentic feel. Making Ropes a slight yet satisfying experience.

Ropes screened at Grimmfest.

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