Interview: Rab Allan of Glasvegas answers our questions

With the announcement of a new album (see here) and tour next year. We caught up with Rab Allan of Glasvegas about the new album and how the band have coped with covid and losing a drummer.

1. Difficult times, how has this crisis affected you guys? All safe and well? Any message to your fans?

Yeah, we are all good. James used the time to finish recording our most recent single “Keep me a Space” so it wasn’t a complete waste. I’m going with the trusted wash your hands and wear a mask message… and as our manager says, be excellent to each other.

2. After a seven year gap from releasing any new music. How did it feel putting new music out there? Did you guys feel any pressure or did you have a kind of freedom of failure when it comes to success?

I don’t think I’ve ever felt pressure putting music out but apprehensive I guess due to the long period. If we made music for peoples adulation then I would be nervous about them liking it but we would keep making music whether people liked it or not. It’s a creative thing rather than a paying the bills thing. 

3. Recording the album Godspeed. I see you (James) chose to engineer and produce yourself. What made you want to take it on your own? How was the album recording session compared to your past albums?

James said from the end of album three had he wanted to do the whole thing himself which took us by surprise but he knew he would be able to and is usually always right. . We recorded most of the bones of the album over 2014/2015 in our little studio in Glasgow then James went away and basically learned how to do all the technical stuff. As he progressed we would get a call to redo a bass bit or a guitar bit. James has always been involved in the production side of all three previous albums having either produced or co-produced them so again he had already proven himself more than capable. 

4. What does the album mean to you as a band? Any surprises?

Whenever I listen back to it on my phone I always get excited about different parts in each song which is the sign of a great album. There are a few belters that are going to be great live and as usual with James, a few curve balls that I don’t know how he wrote them. 

5. Whilst looking back over your history especially with the 10 year anniversary of your self titled album. Have you noticed a change in the way a song is constructed? How does a track come together with in the band?

It is the exact same way today as it was at the beginning. Usually, it starts with a title or an idea, then develops into the song which James then does a demo of and brings it to the rest of us. 

6. How do you find the music industry has changed whilst being in the band? Do you find that social media and in particular streaming sites has made it a better place to be in?

It has been twelve years since our debut and the industry is a completely different place since then. I think it is more accessible to new artists with social media and streaming which gives them more of a platform. I guess the downside is the lack of album sales which doesn’t really balance out with the income from streaming.

 7. You have had a unique style that stands you guys out but have you heard any bands or artists that you feel may have drawn inspiration from yourselves?

There are a lot of bands we have met and toured with that love our band but I can’t think of anyone directly that sounds like us… we have definitely ripped a few bands off though haha. 

8. Sad to see Jonna Löfgren leaving? Do you guys have a replacement in mind? How has her leaving affected you guys? Did you find a difference with the different drummers you have had with the band?

Let’s be honest, our first drummer couldn’t really play the tambourine never mind a drum kit, I say that with fond memories though. Jonna was a different thing altogether. She really is one of the best drummers I have ever seen. Scheduling and her being so popular as a session drummer made it hard to tie her down for gigs and rehearsals as she still lives in Sweden. We are all still mates and we love her to bits but it is what it is. We have someone else that will stand-in for the next round of shows and then we will take it from there. 

9. Difficult to talk about future plans, but what does the future look like post lockdown for the band?

The new record is out April next year with a few singles before that hopefully which will be followed by a UK and EU tour but again, its all dependant on lockdown measures, 

10. What music are you digging right now? Any particular artists do you think have the chance to be big? How do you feel the Scottish music scene is fairing?

I have been listening to a band called October Drift who are from the south of England, they are great. In Scotland, there are loads of great acts. My favourite is a band called Lucia and the Best Boys. They are fantastic. More women seem to be breaking through in Scotland just now, both playing in bands and as songwriters which is long overdue.

Pre order the album here

Get tickets for the 2021 tour here

Thursday 15th April 2021        Picturedrom                              Holmfirth
Friday 16 April 2021                Warehouse                                Leeds
Saturday 17 April 2021            O2 Academy 2                           Liverpool  
Sunday 18 April 2021               Asylum                                      Birmingham
Tuesday 20 April 2021             Garage                                     London
Wednesday 21 April 2021       Chalk                                        Brighton
Friday 23 April 2021                 Sub89                                       Reading
Saturday 24 April 2021            Thekla                                       Bristol
Sunday 25 April 2021               Rescue Rooms                          Nottingham
Tuesday 27 April 2021             Gorilla                                       Manchester
Wednesday 28 April 2021        Foundry                                    Sheffield          
Thursday 29 April 2021           University, Students Union   Newcastle         
Friday 28 May 2021                  SWG3 Galvanizers Rooms      Glasgow

Have a listen to their new single ‘Keep Me A Space’, below:

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