Jesse Futerman feat. Beverly Glenn-Copeland – ‘Luckey’: cool Canadian jazz-funk

Beverly Glenn-Copeland (left) and Jesse Futerman

MONTREAL producer and beatz head Jesse Futerman has signed for Vancouver dance opportunity facilitator (as they style themselves), Pacific Rhythm; and he’s lighting the blue touchpaper on that partnership with the sophisticated jazz-funk breakz of “Luckey” – you can hear that just down there.

It’s got smooth groove, but sidesteps the slick with some neat, transporting retro synth work, lending the whole an off-kilter dreaminess, courtesy his good friend, the septuagenarian outsider-folk artist and Canadian legend, Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

There’s soulful vocals, dispensing with strict lyricism for the purity of joyous affirmation; some crisp bass and percussion-a-go-go, all recorded in the French Quarter in the summer of 2019.

And if that six and a half minutes of bliss isn’t enough, the full single release also includes a more angular, no wave-dub remix courtesy Mexican Summer’s Peaking Lights, who warp it out into some Afro post-disco cosmos.

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