Live Gallery: Field Day Festival (II) Cobrah in Sydney, 1.01.2024

Cobrah,Field Day

The last act to take the Left Field stage at Field Day was Swedish artist Cobrah who delivered a sultry and unforgettable performance that left the audience spellbound. With a magnetic stage presence exuding a blend of allure and confidence that resonated with every beat, she mesmerised the crowd. Her songs are infused with a unique blend of edgy electro-pop and provocative lyrics, designed to bring you to your knees, begging for more.

Cobrah’s voice, both powerful and seductive, weaved through the melodies, creating an atmosphere that was charged with intensity and emotion. The visuals complementing her performance added to the sensuous ambiance, with dramatic lighting and provocative imagery that perfectly matched the mood of her music.

Truly a magnificent way to end a memorable Field Day 2024.

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