Live Review: Alex G – Sheffield O2 13.11.15

Of all the reasons I listen to the music that Alex G releases (and have so for a number of years), whether they’re covers or originals, well-written compositions or filled with creative hooks, it’s the honesty in her voice that keeps me listening. After seeing her live show in Sheffield last night, this was the case more so than ever before. An incredible presence combined with such open honesty made for an event that is one that will be remembered for a long time.

With the release of her latest EP ‘Share Your Story’, this tour enhanced an already incredible release (EP review here – 9/10) by delving further into the stories behind the songs providing a deeper emotional experience. All of this was made even more emotional for the fact that Ben (one of the stories shared on the EP) was in the audience and as Alex told the meanings behind the story, that Ben was in the army and that he listened to her music to find peace amidst all the chaos was an incredible moment. That song performed live took on such a deeper meaning than it already had before as you could feel even more so how personal it was and how the passion and integrity that comes from the music that Alex G writes and releases has such power to strongly resonate with the listener.

A few more stories were shared and then it came to Alex expressing her story, a story where she was open and honest about everything up to this point. That she felt like she was faking it in the past in order to present a certain image and get to a point of being popular and successful and as a result throughout those times she expressed how empty she felt trying to be so many things for so many people and how it made her unhappy but that she was taking steps to become the artist she always wanted to be which was herself. It was a beautiful moment of honesty that made her performance of ‘Everything’ such an amazing experience. There were tears in the audience, which proves the strength of Alex’s music and that it has such a strong impact on the listener. Faking it or not, I’ve always heard the honesty in her voice (and there’s no faking true talent) which has had an impact on me through certain times and as I mentioned before it’s that honesty that keeps me listening.

As a live show itself it was brilliantly performed. Joined on stage by Tori (guitar, percussion and rhythms) and Laura (bass, cello and piano) the three of them brought the music to life in a live capacity. Within that it was clear to see that they’d taken great care to transpose the songs from bigger versions with more instruments to simpler and much more effective renditions focusing much more on the passion behind the music and the honesty within. The way that the three of them worked together on stage showcased great presence and the moments in between songs were punctuated by great humour and the truth behind the songs themselves. On top of all that, the way they worked with the audience got everyone involved and with it being an intimate show, the crowd were captivated by every single moment. The vocal harmonies were exceptional too, even getting the crowd to join, which added so much more to the layers of the songs.

For the final song, Laura and Tori left the stage and Alex closed the show in the best way possible. She picked up her guitar, made her way into the centre of the audience, and lit by the torches on phones she gave an incredibly captivating performance of her song ‘Proof’ and everyone sang along with her word for word. Highlighting the aspect that everyone there appreciated her music for it’s truth of expression and the honesty that Alex brings out in her voice it was one of the many emotional highlights of the evening.





Playing a mix of songs throughout the show from the latest EP, a few from her album and even a verse and chorus of ‘Tale As Old As Time’ (a song from the ‘Found’ EP released in 2012) with more backstory provided behind the writing of the song and how the lyrics came about. Sharing the stories of those on the latest EP, her story and giving background on how she expresses herself as an artist, Alex G is easily one of the best musicians I’ve seen live. Forever to be remembered as event that brought out so many emotions, it served as a reminder as to how and why music can speak to so many people and achieve so much more than can ever be easily expressed.

Support for the evening came from Laura who performed a couple of covers (one of which being a great rendition of ‘Both Sides Now’ originally by Joni Mitchell) and two originals – ‘Kirsten’ and ‘Learning Something New’ – that were fantastically written and showcased her great talent as a musician. Hopefully she’ll release more of her originals soon and I’ll keep you up to date as more comes out.





For more from Laura check out her website for all links:!home/c14j4

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