Live Review: Candid & Idle Noise – HMV Empire, Coventry 27.11.2021 plus gallery

There’s an excitement in the air throughout Coventry as 4 local bands are about to take the stage at the HMV Empire. They’ve sold over 1,000 tickets to this 1,100+ person venue which is no small feat and whilst the place isn’t entirely sold out, it certainly feels like it. After a warm welcome at the door, it’s clear to see that this is a Coventrian gig through and through and this audience of all ages are up for this Saturday Night. Past Lives & Parade are our first treats and they certainly make sure everyone knows what they’re in for. As the lights drop for our next act, everyone is going crazy for Idle Noise.

This short but sweet 30 minute set is enough to get anyone who wasn’t moving before throwing their best shapes. We can hear the influences of The Enemy (another Coventry band from 2007 fame) and Arctic Monkeys but there is no doubt that these are definitely making their own waves. Snippets of classic rock songs like ‘Crocodile Rock’ merged into their own originals is a truly awesome touch that allowed anyone and everyone to get involved. Ben Brandist and co. make the audience at home instantly and as the final note lingers, everyone is going wild for this Godiva playing band.

Time passes quickly between these Indie Rock artists but the crowd are getting rowdier. As 10pm hits, Candid casually walk on stage wearing outfits that feel like we’ve stepped back in time. The crowd are going wild from the moment the lights dim, even if they do have to wait a hot second for the band to get their instruments ready and it feels as if they’re about to take the roof of the place already. 3 Songs in and we’re reminded by the front man, Rob Latimer, to pick up anyone who falls. They want everyone to have a good time. It doesn’t take long to see why every member is on stage; they’re all incredibly talented and hold purpose on stage.

Tonight has had a 2 year delay due to COVID and these guys are playing as if they’re making up for lost time. After playing their new song ‘Lost On Me’ (which received great reception) there is a slight difficulty. The intro to their next song is attempted a couple of time’s before Rob lets us know “we’re really sorry, we’re not gonna play that one; I’ve got a bit too excited and forgot how to play it.” It certainly doesn’t slow them down though and they’re quick to move on as if nothing ever happened. Candid’s sound is perfect for their cover of ‘Heart Of Glass’ by Blondie and tis has to be one of the best covers we’ve heard in a while. As the crowd are still reeling, we’re thrown straight back into their original sound and told that the next song is a slow one. Whilst it was slow for Candid, it’s not your traditional slow song and even this still encounters beer throwing.

It’s fair to say that the lighting for the evening was a show in itself and as Candid are coming to their last songs there is a festival amount of people on shoulders. ‘Wasted Time’ is arguably the loudest song of the night for both band and audience and there’s not one person who isn’t loving it. As the four piece head off stage, ‘we want more’ and clapping quickly builds through the room and soon enough, Rob enters along for his own song. This is where his voice is totally shown off; nothing but him and his guitar. Alex, Sam & Dan enter the stage to kill it for just a little bit longer and as the show closes, we’re all left with an excitement of what is to come for both Idle Noise & Candid.

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