Live Review: Ceiling Demons / Rex Simonson – The Green Room, Stockton 10.09.2022

Sometimes these smaller venues can throw up a surprise or two and give a cracking night of music. Tonight was one of these magical nights.

Starting things off was the minimalistic Rex Simonson with their first gig. A band set up by father and son team Simon and Rex hence the name. One thing of interest to any post punk fans is that the Simon in this band is Simon Topping one of the founding members of the late seventies band A Certain Ratio. With Simon on keyboard and singing duties, it was left to younger Topping to back him up on bass and guitarist Simon Wroe. A shaky start which is understandable, this was their first gig as a band and Rex’s first gig ever, they soon got into their groove and were comfortably delivering some ear catching post punk which made their short set of 5 songs seem ever shorter and leaving the crowd, and myself in-particular, wanting more.

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Headliners Ceiling Demons are no strangers to the pages of Backseat Mafia and venues throughout the North East. The alternative rap group are synonymous with epic gig nights with the two frontmen knowing how to put on a great show. The band also feature an artist, Art Demon, who creates a painting during the gig which is available to purchase at the end of the show. Tonight was their LP launch and started in typical fashion with as Psy Ceiling wandered into the crowd with an acoustic guitar to start the album opening track ‘All Let Go’. A track that builds up as the rest of the band picked up the energy that would stay for the rest of the gig with every foot stomping and drum beating.

Each track rolled into each other as the band unveiled their new LP, with applauses from the crowd and thank yous from the band the only interruption to the flow of music. The two frontmen dominated the stage with a captivating and powerful performance enrapturing the crowd. They give it their all bouncing off the musical base provided by Chris Shaw on guitar and Sam Reed on drums.

As possibly one of the nicest bands around Ceiling Demons are articulate and intelligent and infect everyone they perform in front of with a warm vibe full of brotherly, and sisterly, love vibrating with the band’s rock energy. As singer Dan commented to me about performing at the end of the night “it’s a cathartic experience” which is the same that can be said for the whole audience. This was a night you didn’t want to miss.

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Check out the bands track From The Womb To The Grave, below:

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