Live review: The Lovely Eggs at the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge.

When a singer is hammered on stage it is usually incredibly irritating but tonight it actually adds to the anarchy this talented duo seem to thrive on.

When Holly Ross lurches up to the mic and says with utter conviction this what we believe, then launches into an energised Fuck It , you know they mean it. It’s not that the Eggs don’t give a toss about the paying punters, but they are a band who always resolutely march along to their own tune. A tune it seems only they can hear at times.


It is day two of the tour and Holly’s voice is already rasping after a raucous night in Preston just down the road from their Lancaster base. As she notes ‘I sound like Phyllis off Coronation Street’ and that may explain the regular pulls on a can of Strongbow.

The thing about the Eggs is vocal problems don’t really matter as their basic guitar and drum sound is really a platform for some often hilarious lyrics which are either based on their real life experiences, or surreal flights of fancy.

One song is about the pair of them tramping around the streets of Lancaster with a plastic bottle full of cider as they search for a house party. Masterful storytelling about an experience virtually everyone in the room has experienced, and the leathered folk in the small moshpit at the front are probably still doing very weekend.

Holly is a force of nature so when her voice packs up before Allergies she basically bullies her old man David Blackwell to combine drumming and lead vocals much to his disgust. He is no Levon Helm but does his best before Holly joins in flinging herself round the stage making some wonderful guitar shapes.

New single Glass Onion get an airing with nonsensical lyrics, clever drumming and psychedelic buzz guitar suggesting their fourth album This is Our Nowhere – typically recorded in a disused factory – could be their best yet.


Lovely Eggs have no management or agent but their unique DIY approach and relentless touring has won them a gang of hardcore fans. It seems natural for Holly to ask them to shout out for a song they want to hear, and then invite the winner onstage to sing it. The look of terror and joy on the volunteer’s face was priceless as they bash their way through Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion – complete with sly lyric prompts from Holly.

Lovely Eggs are part rock band/part experimental art who do exactly want they want, but the one thing they always are is hugely entertaining and great fun despite consuming industrial amounts of booze.

The Lovely Eggs are on tour until Saturday March 28 and the dates are at where you can also buy limited editions of Magic Onion.

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